Jacody Construction, LP is a bonded and insured commercial general contractor.


JaCody Construction, LP is a bonded and insured Commercial General Contractor.  Incorporated in 1994, we have completed over 100 contracts within the last 5 years ranging in an approximate value from $500,000 to $20,000,000.  Our projects include municipal, medical, religious institutions, retail and many more types of private sector projects. As a true traditional General Contractor, we maintain a hands-on approach with tremendous quality and at a more efficient cost than our competitors. Every project is approached with a sense of urgency from pre-construction to completions as we understand our critical role in being responsible for the overall success of our clients projects.

 At Jacody Construction, LP we are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients.  We attain this through communication and attention to every detail throughout the life cycle of the construction process. Being a true partner with our clients is why we are known for being on-time, on-budget and for producing a quality product.  Jacody Construction, LP is proud of its long list of satisfied clients and repeat work.  Approximately 40% of our projects are negotiated projects where we are selected based upon our reputation, performance, and quality rather than just low bid.  The remaining 60% are won competitively in the lump-sum proposal bid platform. This combination of negotiated and competitive bid projects demonstrates our customer satisfaction and our cost competitiveness.  We pride ourselves on repeat business, as this is the true indicator of our perceived value with our clients. Our goal is to always make a first time client into a long term client.

Jacody Construction, LP believes that the measure of success and the key to future growth and prosperity is client satisfaction. To this, our employees and subcontractors are continuously tasked to exceed our clients’ expectations.

JaCody Construction, LP is a bonded and insured commercial general contractor.

Our projects include civil, municipal, medical, and private sector projects, as well as, extensive remodeling. The owners maintain a hands-on approach with oversight on each project. Every project is approached with a degree of pre-planning and scheduling to insure an efficient and safe process. Please note that our safety record is exemplary.