At JaCody Construction, LP we pride ourselves on being a true general contractor by maintaining a quality hands-on approach and at a more efficient cost than our competitors. Our remarkable ability to develop a sincere partnership with our clients and attention to detail throughout every level of the construction process are what makes our reputation unparalleled in the industry.

General Contracting

Each project will be given the highest level of attention by all team members. We ensure a group of quality superintendents, engineers, and subcontractors on-site as well as a dependable executive level management team for support.

Preconstruction Services

We perform a detailed analysis of each project to discover its unique challenges and needs as every project and client is different. We then use this comprehensive review to create a customized budget plan before the project design even begins. Every project is approached with a sense of urgency from pre-construction to completion as we understand our critical role in being responsible for the overall success of our projects.

Construction Management

It is our primary responsibility to work with the owner and the design team to develop an accurate budget early on in the design process. When working as the Construction Manager, budgets are crucial during the early design phases as the early budget numbers will help guide the design to the owners desired budget. It is our job to identify the scopes of work which may not be fully developed and to accurately estimate these values to make sure the scope is not prematurely reduced to target an overall budget number. Getting the most for the owner for their money is our primary objective.

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